Community Workshops, Mação, Portugal

April 16, 2009
teresa @ 7:18 pm

During our residency in Mação we will be hosting three community workshops on the themes of survival and communication.

Working with senior citizen’s, we will ask them to recall their memories of changes in the town, what has survived and what has been lost. This will be supported through archive photos of Mação and present day photos, taken from the same position. This will be used to discuss the senior citizens views and support them to select a series of their favorite sites in the town.

These accounts and the select sites will then be passed to the MA archeology students, who in their session will analyse the sites using their expertise and a set of guidelines, outlined by the Pop-Up Landscapes project.

Extending the senior citizen and the archeology students work the final session with primary school children will further extend what would survive and be communicated through these sites in future scenarios (2109).

Practically the sessions will focus on how visual expressions of a place – namely archival photos, various types of maps, present day digital panoramic views and snapshots, visual, anthropological and ethnographic analysis and future scenarios and impressions – can be used to capture a communities sense of what they see as the important elements that should survive in their area and what they have been happy to lose.

Senior Citizen Workshop
Date: 17.04.09
Where: Old Primary School, Mação
Time: 16.00-17.30
We would like to thank: Sra. Rodeigiues, Sra Matrins, Sr. Gaifáo, Sra.
Palmira, Sra. Odíla dos Santos Brás, Sr. Gasgar, Sra. Craveiro Pardal for their participation and to Anabela for hosting and administration support.

Archeology Student Workshop
Date: 22.04.09
Where: Museum, Mação
Time: 10-18.30

Primary Student Workshop
Date: 24. 04.09
Where: Old Primary School, Mação
Time: 09.00-12.30