Teresa Dillon (IRE/UK)

Teresa Dillon is an intermedia artist, researcher, producer and director. Her work explores the human-environment relations that emerge within specific locations and which give rise to meaning and expression. Thematically this has lead to a body of work engaged with ideas of consumption, survival and the limits and affordances of different tools for communication. Since 1999 her work has been shown internationally at various festivals (Pixelache, Enter_, In’fraction) and conferences (Virtual Platform, ISCAR, Earli). She is director of the UK-based arts collective Polar Produce with whom she creates and produces transdisciplinary, mixed media works. In 2007, she set up N.I.P. – New Interfaces for Performance, a distributed research and touring network of media artists from across Europe. She also directs the UM Intermedia Festival, Lisbon, Portugal and the OFFLOAD-Systems for Survival art-research programme. Alongside her arts practice, she also works as an independent consultant and freelance producer/researcher (BBC) and lectures and supervises students on the Arts, Culture and Education, MA, Cambridge University. She holds a PhD in psychology from The Open University and has published internationally on various topics including creative collaboration, open source, educational design and location media.

Teresa initiated and leads on the Pop-Up Landscape project.



Phase 1 has been realized in collaboration and co-development with:

Tuomo Tammenpää (FI), Artist / Designer

Tuomo Tammenpää, has a background in visual arts and design. He works as a media artist and designer in Finland sharing his time between practice-based research and development, art productions and commercial design work. After fifteen years of work with interactive installations and screen based design he has focused his work on exploring the potential of physical and ubiquitous computing and tangible media in artistic and design practice. He has been exhibiting awarded interactive media installations in Scandinavia, Europe, North-America and in Asia.

lok Arquitectura (PT/ES)

lok Arquitectura is a creative collective formed in 2008 by architects Pedro Januário Gomes, Pedro Viana, João Trigo and Ana Isabel Valfigueira. As a collective, lok focuses mainly on the development of research studies and realizations in architecture, urbanism and landscape. Individually, they continue to evolve in their professional and academic experiences in different areas and studios across Europe (namely in Portugal, Spain and Holland), crossing the fields of architecture, urbanism, philosophy and art. They currently develop work between Lisbon (PT) and Barcelona (ES), opening their practice to external collaborations and a broader context of international creativity networks.


Invited guests are people who have been invited to comment on the projects development and co-participate in leading on workshops, community activities and seminars.

Peter Tattersall (FI)

Peter Tattersall is a freelance architect working in Helsinki, Finland. He is currently completing his master studies and works for the environmental think-tank, Dodo. He has developed the concept of Wiki planning as part of a wider attempt to consider what the implications of Web 2.0 might be on architecture and planning, and whether or not social media (and phenomena arising from it) might be used to make planning more democratic. For Phase 1, Peter joined the group to co-lead on the workshops held at Hangar, Barcelona.