Community Workshop: Mação, Portugal

Communicating a Sense of Place

A set of exploratory community workshops will been carried out at Mação, Portugal as part of the Phase 1, teams residency in the town. The activities have been designed to explore what elements of their place, a community would select, preserve and communicate to those living somewhere else. The workshops are been carried out with the support of the Department of Archaeology, University of Tomar (IPT) and the Museu de Arte Pré-Histórica e do Sagrado no Vale do Tejo.

Community workshops are free and include:

Senior Citizen Workshop
Date: 17.04.09
Where: Old Primary School, Mação
Time: 16.00-17.30
We would like to thank: Sra. Rodeigiues, Sra Matrins, Sr. Gaifáo, Sra.
Palmira, Sra. Odíla dos Santos Brás, Sr. Gasgar, Sra. Craveiro Pardal for their participation and to Anabela for hosting and administration support.
Workshop leaders: Pop-Up Landscapes: Pedro Viana & Dr. Teresa Dillon with Anabela (IPT)

Master Archeology Student Workshop
Date: 22.04.09
Where: Museum, Mação
Time: 14.00-20.00
Workshop leaders: Pop-Up Landscapes: Dr. Teresa Dillon & Pedro Viana with Sara Cura (IPT)

Primary Student Workshop
Date: 24. 04.09
Where: Old Primary School, Mação
Time: 09.00-12.30
Pop-Up Landscapes: Pedro Viana & Dr.Teresa Dillon with Pedro Cura (IPT)

Practitioner Workshop: Hangar, Barcelona, Spain

Exploring New Visualisation Tools for Community Participation in the Transformations of the Built Environment

Pop-Up Landscapes and Wiki Urban Planning Workshop

Thursday 26 & Friday 27 February 17h-21h
Saturday 28 10h-14h 16h-20h
Presentation : Saturday 28 20h30

Participation : 50 euros
Inscripciones :
Workshop in English.
Open to professional practitioners, master and final year students interested in the areas of urban architecture and design, participatory design, citizen activism and new media.

Location:, Passatge del Marquès de Santa Isabel, 40 
Can Ricart 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Workshop leaders:
Pop-Up Landscapes: Dr. Teresa Dillon, lok Arquitectura, Tuomo Tammenpää
Invited guest: Peter Tattersall, Architect (FI)

Taking the Pop-Up Landscapes art installation as its starting point, this workshop explores how to develop community tools for engagement in the design and preservation of the built environment.

The first prototype of Pop-Up Landscapes has been technically realized at Hangar, which is situated in the neighborhood of Poble Nou, Barcelona. Currently this neighborhood is experiencing one of Europe’s major urban redevelopment programmes the 22@ urban plan. As a result over the last ten years the neighborhood and its communities have experienced radical changes both to the built environment and to its sociocultural life.

Considering these issues prior to the workshop and in consultation with members of the neighborhood case studies will be selected. These case studies will focus on areas within which the communities are concerned about the preservation of the built environment and sociocultural lifestyles.

For this workshop we have also invited Finnish architect Peter Tattersall to join us. Peter has been developing a method called Wiki Planning.

Wiki Planning is part of a wider attempt to consider what the implications of web 2.0 might be on architecture and planning, and whether or not social media (and phenomena arising from it) might be used to make planning more democratic. The intention is to develop a new method of public participation for use in the planning process of municipal authorities. The process uses miniature wooden models to support participant thinking of the design of the urban space. Their models are photographed and transformed into architectural sketches and maps. The method is currently been deployed in Helsinki city.

Combining the visualization techniques employed in Pop-Up Landscapes, along with the Wiki Planning method the workshop outcomes will be a series of visual maps and architectural sketches, which will be displayed at Hangar at the end of the workshop and presented to the Poble Nou community for their consideration and feedback.