Pop-Up Landscapes is about survival and interdependency as expressed through the creation of experiences, which communicate the extension of ones individual landscape and its inherent interdependency to our environs.

This is expressed through:

+ Public art installation
+ Seminar Series
+ Community activities

Phase 1 of the project (Oct 08-May 09) focuses on developing a working installation prototype, where two independent spaces are connected through a projected screen interface, which is shared and manipulated by playing on the sensor tiles, within each space.

What is revealed in the composition depends on ones position in either space, those beside you and the remote other, in the connected play space.

From this the aim is to build a series of interconnected installations, which are physically apart but through which the environment and presence of a remote other can be sensorial experienced.


Phase 1 of the project will take place in the following areas:

Urban neighborhood
Poble Nou, Barcelona

Rural town
Mação, Portugal


South West, Finland

Working individually in each place, we will explore different elements of the project themes and concepts. As well as technical build and test the first iteration of the installation.


Pop-Up Landscapes is lead and initiated by artist-researcher-producer Teresa Dillon (IRE/UK).

Phase 1 of Pop-Up Landscapes has been developed in collaboration with lok Arquitectura (PT/ES) and artist/designer Tuomo Tammenpää (FI).